The TREDRUMT Electric Fuel Drum Transfer Pump has an adjustable intake for various containers, namely 55 gal. & IBC totes. It pumps 7 GPM & works with diesel, DEF (AdBlue), water, light oil, etc. Includes 2" NPT to 2" Butress adaptors.
The TREDRUMT Electric Fuel Drum Tranfer Pump is a liquid transfer pump specifically designed to transfer diesel, DEF (AdBlue), agricultural chemicals, non-drinking water, kerosene, windshield washer fluid, anti-freeze, light oils, mild detergents, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and other similar liquids to/from containers. This model can pump up to 7 gallons per minute (26 liters per minute) with the adjustable 33.5-inch to 49-inch long intake tube designed for 55 gallon barrels and IBC totes. However, the intake tube is adjustable in 0.6" increments for versatility in numerous barrel sizes and applications. The filter-equipped intake end protects the motor from damage due to alien matter. It features a 79-inch corrugated P.E. discharge hose and a flow-control safety nozzle that also locks for prolonged sessions. The TREDRUMT model includes a 110V DC adapter for power, but compatible rechargeable batteries and DC cable battery clips are both sold separately. Includes 2-inch NPT to 2-inch Buttress adaptors.
  • Compatible with diesel, DEF(AdBlue), agricultural chemicals, anti-Freeze, kerosene, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, light oils, non-drinking water, engine oil and hydraulic fluid, etc.
  • Quick-stop flow control safety nozzle
  • Lockable flow control for prolonged sessions
  • Includes a 2" NPT to 2" butress adapters
  • End cap filter protects motor from damage
  • Optional rechargeable batteries & DC cable battery clips are both sold separately
  • Not compatible with gasoline, flammable liquids, concentrated acids, drinking water, etc.
  • For 55 gallon drums and IBC totes
  • Transfers 7 gallons per minute
  • 33.5"-49" telescopic intake tube length
  • Length is adjustable by 0.6" increments
  • 79" long corrugated P.E. discharge hose
  • 10.4" nozzle
  • Powered by 110V plugin adapter (included)
California Proposition 65 N
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order

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Tera Pump 20010 TREDRUMT Telescopic Electric Drum Transfer Pump (2nd Gen, 7 GPM)

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  • Brand: Tera Pump
  • Product Number: 20010
  • Availability: Call for Availability
  • $259.99