The TREDRUMS Electric Fuel Drum Transfer Pump is made for 55 gal. barrels & various other drums. It pump 7 GPM & works with diesel, DEF (AdBlue), water, light oil, kerosene, etc. Includes 2" NPT to 2" Butress adaptors.
The TREDRUMS Electric Fuel Drum Tranfer Pump is a liquid transfer pump specifically designed to transfer diesel, DEF (AdBlue), agricultural chemicals, non-drinking water, kerosene, windshield washer fluid, anti-freeze, light oils, mild detergents, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and other similar liquids to/from containers. This model can pump up to 7 gallons per minute (26 liters per minute) with the 33.5-inch long intake tube designed for 55 gallon barrels. However, the intake tubecan fit various other applications. The filter-equipped intake end protects the motor from damage due to alien matter. It features a 79-inch discharge hose and a flow-control safety nozzle that also locks for prolonged sessions. The TREDRUMS model includes an AC/DC adapter for power, but compatible rechargeable batteries and DC car cable clips are both sold separately. Includes 2-inch NPT to 2-inch Buttress adaptors.
  • Compatible with diesel, DEF(AdBlue), agricultural chemicals, anti-Freeze, kerosene, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, light oils, non-drinking water, engine oil and hydraulic fluid, etc.
  • Lockable flow control for prolonged sessions
  • Includes a 2" NPT to 2" butress adapters
  • End cap filter protects motor from damage
  • Optional rechargeable batteries & DC cable battery clips are both sold separately
  • Not compatible with gasoline, flammable liquids, concentrated acids, drinking water, etc.
  • For 55 gallon drums
  • Transfers 7 gallons per minute
  • 33.5" intake tube length
  • 79" long discharge hose
  • 11.5" nozzle
  • Powered by 12V - 20V DC adapter
  • Quick-stop flow control safety nozzle
California Proposition 65 N
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order

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Tera Pump 20005 TREDRUMS Standard Electric Fuel Transfer Drum Pump (2nd Gen, 7 GPM)

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  • Brand: Tera Pump
  • Product Number: 20005
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