The TRM20 Manual Fuel Transfer Pump is designed for gas cans or containers of various sizes due to the included adjustable suction tube & (3) adaptors. It pumps 3.2 GPM & works with gas, light oil, kerosene, diesel, water, etc.
The TRM20 Manual Handheld Fuel Siphon Pump is a liquid fuel transfer pump specifically designed to transfer gasoline, diesel, non-drinking water, anti-freeze, light oil, soaps, chemical insecticides, detergent, deodorants, mild acids, wax, and other similar liquids to/from containers. It features a flexible suction tube that adjusts to fit containers of various heights such as barrels, drums, carboys, IBCs, etc. It also includes three different fuel-can adaptors for more versatility and convenience. The built-in clip keeps the discharge hose firmly attached to the receiving tank. The up-and-down operated flexible spring-type bellows allow smooth operation and high-power discharge.
  • Compatible with light oils, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, water, chemical insecticides, detergents, deodorants, soaps, mild acids, anti-freeze, liquid waxes, etc.
  • Flexible suction tube adjusts to fit comtainers of various heights
  • Not compatible with acetone, benzen, creosol, ethyl, phenol, methyl ethyl, concentrated caustic soda liquid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, toulene, etc.
  • Includes (3) different size adapters compatible with most North American fuel cans
  • Transfers 3.2 gallons per minute
  • 16.7" intake suction tube length
  • 26.5" discharge hose length
  • Up & down operated flexible spring type bellows for smooth operation & high-power discharge
  • Manual squeeze operation
  • Built-in clip keeps discharge hose firmly attached to the receiving tank/container
California Proposition 65 N
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order

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Tera Pump 20004 TRM20 Manual Handheld Fuel Siphon Pump (with Adaptors)

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